New Endorsement

On Tuesday, July 9th The Vote Kids Action Fund endorses Bobby McKenzie for the United State Congress from the 11th District of Michigan.

Throughout his life, McKenzie has helped children in a variety of ways. He set up a mentoring program to help at-risk youth in one of the toughest schools in Washington DC. He tutored at-risk children in Virginia and conducted action-based research for refugee youth in Egypt. In Congress, McKenzie would support raising the minimum wage, investing in preschool and afternoon programs that keep kids safe, making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, and making college more affordable for working families.

We need more men and women in Congress who have the right priorities for America’s children and working families. Mr. McKenzie’s support for a real living wage, the President’s pre-kindergarten initiative, background checks for all gun purchases, and for a budget that fully funds afterschool programs, child abuse prevention, and other children’s programs shows he will make the right choices in the United States House of Representatives. Vote Kids urges voters in the 11th District to support him in the August 5th primary.

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Who We Are

The Vote Kids Action Fund PAC is the only hybrid PAC dedicated to helping elect candidates in 2014 who will invest in improving the health, education, and safety of children.

We have also endorsed:

  • John Foust from Virginia’s 10 US House District
  • Alma Adams from North Carolina’s 12th US House District

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In 2012, the Vote Kids Action Fund PAC worked independently to support Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. We created and broadcasted “Kaine is for Kids.”

This year, we will endorse candidates, make contributions, and run independent expenditure campaigns in Senate, House, and Governor races.

Our issues include:

  • Providing emergency federal unemployment insurance to those struggling to find work
  • Opposing cuts made to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Improving child safety
  • Passing universal background checks on gun purchases once and for all
  • Raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour
  • Providing every four year old with the opportunity to attend a quality pre-kindergarten program

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