Tea Party’s Michele Bachmann Proposes Budget Cuts for Children

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In advance of her alternative State of the Union response, Michele Bachmann is putting out her own budget proposal. You can see it all by clicking here:

The following in a summary of her specific cuts for children:

  1. Cut federal education funding by half including abolishing the Department of Education. These cuts would even include special education funding.
  2. Return Pell Grants to 2009 levels. Colleges and universities do not plan to return college tuition to 2009 levels.
  3. Eliminating the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, a public health program that reaches across economic lines to improve the health of all mothers and children.
  4. Eliminating the additional refundable child tax credit. This credit goes to middle and lower class families with more than one child.
  5. While not direct cuts to children’s programs, Bachmann calls for tens of billions of dollars in cuts by eliminating federal homeland security, criminal justice, and transportation funding and requiring states to fund the programs instead. Given how two-thirds of state budgets fund education and Medicaid, these policies would lead either to dramatic cuts in education and child health care, not funding needed homeland security or transportation programs once paid for by the federal government, or dramatic tax hikes for working families. These tax hikes will be highly regressive given how many states do not have a progressive tax code.

President Obama will release his budget next week and we hope that it protects programs that provide for the education, health, and safety of children. Bachmann’s budget does the opposite.


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