Vote Kids Campaign Highlighted in Leading Congressional Newspaper

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In today’s edition of Roll Call, the Vote Kids ad campaign was part of a larger story about issue groups mobilizing in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Michael Petit has an obsession with New Hampshire and Iowa.

His children’s advocacy group, Vote Kids, plans to spend $1 million in both states on television advertising, grass-roots organizing and get-out-the-vote efforts at places like local preschools.

But it’s all part of Petit’s bigger plan to catch the attention of White House hopefuls tromping through the states.

“Our interest is not those two states in 2012. Our interest is the national discussion that will follow once the candidates emerge,” Petit explained. “For us, what we don’t want to happen is the candidates themselves solely define the issues that they want to present.”

As the would-be GOP presidential contenders descend on early primary and caucus states, lobbying interests such as Petit’s are mobilizing with the goal of getting their issues at the forefront of the national agenda. Those locales not only offer access to candidates themselves but also provide a valuable audience that includes a tuned-in electorate and swarms of reporters.


  1. Christine Blum
    June 12, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    If Head Start would watch their spending it would be different. buying new tables and chairs and other equipment they really don’t need. They should Only have American citizens as students. If we went to another country they would not take care of us. Children of Hispanics that have good jopbs still get the benefit. If you are an American with those jobs your child does not qualify, that is wrong!


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