2009 Scorecard

scorecard-smallOn Thursday, July 15th, 2009, Vote Kids released a report card for the first year of the 111th Congress. It scores each senator on 13 key votes, and each member of the House of Representatives on 19 votes on policies and budget items that would impact children and families. These include votes to expand health care to children, increase funding for children’s programs in the budget and stimulus, protect children’s programs in state budgets, pay equity for single moms, provide for greater opportunities for people to volunteer with children, help keep people in their homes, reduce child and teen smoking, among other things.

Each Senator receives a score from 0 through 100. Of those who served the full year in the Senate, 31 received a score of 100 and just 4 received a zero. In the House, 180 received a score of 100 and just 6 received a zero. Click here to read the full report to see how each senator scored, the votes we used to evaluate them, and what each vote means for children and families. Below are summary sheets by state.

In the state facts sheets, we include detailed information about the impact of 10 votes and 7 House.

NOTE: The numerical score for each senator comes from how they voted on these 10 measures plus 3 others not shown for the Senate, and the 7 House measures plus 12 not shown. The introduction describes exactly how the numerical score was calculated.

State Profiles – See How Your Members of Congress Score

Click here to see how the Senate scores were calculated.

Click here to see how the House scores were calculated.

Click here to send a message to your senator to support children.

Click here to see the source information for the statistics quoted in the fact sheets.

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